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Welcome to

Here at, we have NiGHTS players, of many different levels, working together to learn more about the game, with a forum that's home to some of the best players in the world.

If you are new to NiGHTS into Dreams..., please take a quick look at our welcome message and feel free to post any questions in the beginner's forum.

To help you get started, on the left you can see scores from the best in the world in the 'High Score' section and an ever growing collection of hints, tips and strategies, including videos and walkthroughs in the 'Gameplay' section. Good luck, submit your scores (whatever they are) and welcome to NiGHTS into Dreams... at!
Latest News
March 31st 2010 - Malan achieves 1 Million on FB!

Welcome to Malan, who has been an avid NiGHTS fan for a long time and is famous for his great work on SuperPians buy Shiba in New Zealand. Check out his site

Amazingly his first set of scores on Frozen Bell is over 1 million points!!! Great stuff!!

We also had some updates for gsk on Spring Valley.

Don't forget to celebrate Reala Day tomorrow on April 1st!

March 21st 2010 - More JoD Scores

Welcome to Big Boss who has submitted a full list of JoD scores, and some of them are site records!

Penelopi has also been working away at those records!

Keep those scores coming! :)

January 27th 2010 - Now Taking JoD Scores and more!

That's right! We are now accepting your scores for Journey of Dreams, the Nintendo Wii Sequel. Get into the forums and post your scores so the world can see!

We are also accepting scores for all those NiGHTS MiniGames and Homebrews, like the classic Scoreattack for GBA, NiD Sega Superstars for the Eyetoy, Micro NiGHTS for PC, and Lucid Dreams by CronoMST for PC.

Expect to see some more information added to the site for all of these wonderful NiGHTS games!

January 15th 2010 - Welcome back!

Testing, testing? After a big hiatus, has an update! Some regulars, as well as newbies - Welcome to Penelopi and mattjeh! buy Shiba Inu

Since the last front page update we've got new site records for Spring Valley, Stick Canyon, Mystic Forest, Splash Garden, Twin Seeds and Xmas Elliot! Wow that's a lot!

Keep checking for news, an active forum and loads of various media!

March 9th - Charlie

Thats the 1.1 million barrier done and dusted! On to 1.2 guys?

March 6th - Pete and Charlie

Havent had a close battle for a while at, but Charlie and Pete are both having a go at Frozen Bell at the moment, both with 1 million+ scores, with Pete just edging ahead at the moment with 1,088,300! Will Pete break the 1.1 mark, or will Charlie rise to the challenge? Stay tuned!

March 3rd - Charlie

SV and FB Site Records! That new pad for the current champ seems to be working well. Check out the FB run vid below.

March 2nd - PS2 NiD Scores Open, Charlie Updates

Ok, I got round to building the PS2 NiD Remake Score Tables (alot easier than I thought!), so that open now for people to submit for. Just Site records will be listed at the moment, if it gets busy I'll consider have a full section for it! Also, a small page for the differences between the versions is in the gameplay section if you want to check it out.

Also, Charlie nears the million mark for FB - well done there!

February 27th - ALL JPN's SCORES BROKEN, New Members.

The reign of this infamous cutting is over - through out the history of this has loomed over us like some sort of ethereal Wizeman, mocking our every effort to conquer. And now (well a few weeks ago actually) its evil shadow is illuminated.

As far as we know, members now hold WORLD RECORDS for all the mares and dreams and bosses in the game. Even rumours dont touch our records. Congrats to all the players that have helped make the happy nightopia that it is. And Congrats to Charlie, Pete, Ben, Airmax, grolt, Titanium, Lance Way and Boss Master Miles, all current World Record holders! Oh and me, I've still got a few o_O Check out the Site Records page for all the latest scores.

We also a few new members knocking about. Prince gave us some scores while GeneralZod and rumblesushi are active in the forums at the moment. Welcome guys.

And dont forget about JoD and the PS2 Remake! Get out there and play!
February 21st - PS2 Nights

THE PS2 REMAKE OF NIGHTS INTO DREAMS... IS OUT NOW! (JPN only I'm afraid). I'm playing it right now! And though its not perfect its still a great sight to see.

Check out for a good source of imports and get playing!

January 6th - Charlie SC, FB and Balloon Glitch.

Charlie continues on his rampage over the scoreboards, this time with a SR for Stick Canyon, as well as nearing the 1 Million mark in Frozen Bell.

And heres the videos of the runs -

Charlie also gave us footage of the cool 'Balloon Nights' glitch!

December 30th - Charlie Splash Garden World Record!

Yet another World Record for from Charlie.

And the vid -

December 28th - Charlie Soft Museum World Record!

Another World Record for (as far as we know) from Charlie! Congrats to that man.

And the vid -

December 21th - Charlie MF and SM Site Records!

He's done it again... twice...

...and the vids -

November 9th - Charlie Site Record! (Pics and Vids)

Only a matter of time... Congrats to Charlie for all his hard work!

And heres a vid of the run -

November 26th - Charlie, PS2 remake!

Charlie gives us a massive update, working hard on various dreams and really getting to gripes with multiple dreamies - good stuff!

And... Nights is getting a remake on the PS2! Check out for loads of pics and info. With JoD on the best selling current gen console and this update on the biggest selling console of all time, it's looking pretty good for our favourite purple jester!

Edit - Charlie also recorded his SV run, with a good quality capture. Watch it below!

October 29th - New Member Charlie

Its been awhile but a new member has recently joined. Charlie debuts with a decent first set of complete scores and times! Well done that man, and we'll look forward to seeing his first site record soon buy Shiba Inu in New Zealand!

September 18th - Miles, grolt, Pete. JoD update.

Great work from the trio, with improvements across the board!

Also, keep your eye on for all the latest Nights 2 news, loads of stuff going on there and at their forum.

August 15th - Airmax, Miles and new member Suspiria

Some more work across the boards from Miles and Airmax, as well as a big welcome to a good set of first scores from new member Suspiria.

August 7th - Airmax, gsk

Airmax keeps plugging away at TS with TST now at 188900, while I've been star milking and working on my multiple dreams, with new SC3 and SG3 SRs.

July 25th - grolt, Dieman, Darkavia, Airmax, gsk

Loads of new scores from old and new players, with grolt, Dieman and Darkavia constantly improving (perhaps with site records?), and new SR for TS2 by Airmax and XC2 by me. Well done all.

Update - just so you know, Airmax has broken the 180k barrier for TST aswell - the new SR (WR?) now stands at a mighty 186160!

July 20th - grolt, Dieman, Darkavia

Loads of new scores today with Dieman continuing his assault on SM, and Darkavia giving us a first look at his play, and new member grolt with a complete list of scores, including a new SM3 SR! Well done all.

July 10th - Airmax, New Gameplay Page (...again)

Deja vu? No, this time Airmax gives us loads of new scores, which hints that maybe he'll be the one to watch in the future.

And I've completed all the new Gameplay pages now, including an Overview page with general hints and tips. Again, any feedback or criticism is welcome.

July 4th - Airmax, New Gameplay Page

Airmax comes back onto the scene with great improvements on his SV game, as well as a big leap in some of his Boss times - well done that man!

Also, click on the Spring Valley Gameplay page link on the left and you'll be taken to a (hopefully) improved page, with embedded videos, maps and pretty pics and 3D rips (curtesy of Malan - check out!). Any comments or suggestions are welcome, I'll be starting on the rest of the dreams when I can.
June 22nd - Miles, HyperShadow, Ben, Pete

...more like who hasnt updated their scores...

Bumper crop this time, with Ben taking back the MF crown, Pete and Miles working on SM and HyperShadow giving his SG and FB scores a boost.

Great work guys, keep 'em coming -
May 31th - Miles Boss Video

Miles was kind enough to share a video of his recent Jackle SR, which is embedded below. Check it out (and maybe see if you can squeeze it to 107 before he does!)

May 30th - AirMax, Miles

2 new Site Records in one day! Airmax breaks TST with 178020, while Miles shaves another second off Jackle with a 106.

Well done to both players!

May 13th - AirMax, Peter, Possible New Gameplay Page Design

Airmax continues improving his TS scores nearing a SR, while Peter bumps up his SC scores with a new SC3 and SCT SR. Good work all round.

Also, heres a possible new gameplay page layout, with mare maps, 3D rips of the mare routes and some text. Check out the Spring Valley test page and give me any comments, ideas or opinions in the forums.

May 10th - Peter, New Nights Homebrew Game

Peter gives us a few new PR, and a couple of new SR, including a MFT and taking FB2 to an unprecedented 1/4 million pts!

Also, in related news, a Nights fan by the name of CronoMST, has made an excellent homebrew scoreattack game, which includes classic elements from Nights, as well as an online score table for points and links! It's well worth a look imo, so check out the game here.

May 6th - AirMax

AirMax has returned and has been working on Twin Seeds with improvements in most of its mares, and a very high TST of 164460 - could we see a new TS Site Record soon?

May 3rd - New Members HyperShadow, D'Force, Updates from Peter and Dark Jadeite

Its been a while, but two new members have joined! A big welcome to HyperShadow and D'Force. At the moment, HyperShadow's working on Splash Garden and has gotten off to great start, while D'Force brings us an complete set of very promising first scores! Congrats to both! I wonder which one of them will grab a Site Record first? :)

We also have updated scores from new overall champ Pete, and some excellent new scores from old school member Dark Jadeite.

Well done to everyone! Keep up the great work.

Also a small note, is fully up and running! Check out the best Nights site around, and enjoy the (ridiculously) busy forum, with talk about the original game and of course the highly anticipated Journey of Dreams.

March 20th - Peter the Millionarie
As my old creative writing teacher used to say 'show rather than tell' -

Congratulations to Peter for accomplishing an incredible landmark in NiGHTS into Dreams and's history!

March 19th - Message from Tabs
Thats looking just fine! As you can probably guess from the following post, GSK is helping out with some of the running of the site. I have a few things with the site I have been meaning to sort out on the site for absolutely ages and hopefully having another person helping out will give me a little time to do that.

My heartfelt thanks to GSK for taking on the task!

March 19th - Peter, gsk
Peter nears the mythical 1 million mark with a FBT of 971,580 as well as taking SVT over 700k with 711,120 - will his multiple dreamies strategy see all the infamous JPN Scores fall?

Also gsk did some work on Xmas Nights, taking the Time Attack SR with an 8.630, as well as talking about himself in third person for his first update as assistent site administrator - hows that Tab?

March 13th - Peter, Dieman
Yet more magic from Peter this time in the form of an unprecedentedly high FBT of 904,140! He snagged another WR on SC3 and boosted his FB2 yet further, I simply dont know where this guy is going to stop.

We also had a couple more improvements from Dieman, keep them coming!

March 12th - Aleste, Miles
For the first time in quite a while we have a new member. A very old school player called Aleste came in with a couple of very notable scores backed up with photos showing a simply massive SVT World Record of 693,520 and an equally impressive 150,930 on FB2 I hope that we will see more from him soon.

Also I have had these on my HD for a while now but finally got around to uploading them. Its Miles's awesome boss vids!

March 8th - Peter
It has been a little while since we heard from GSK but true to form he scored a couple more record recently with a new SC3 of 89,140 and 604,700 pushing the SCT over the 600k mark for the first time.

Peter kept plugging away with improvements across the board most notable a 115,010 on FB1 and a new SC2 of 81,580

March 8th - Peter
I didn't notice this but Peter snuck in another improvement a couple of days ago, the SVT WR now stands at an epic 690,280. I have a feeling its not going to stop there...

Peter was also kind enough to share a rather nice FB4 video with us a little while back. Now I have got the hang of Youtube I can share it with.

March 6th - Peter
Not content with yesterdays record setting Peter improved his SV3 yet further with an almost comically massive 35k increase to 164,260 and in turn a new SVT of 640,580.

Apparently its all about multiple dreamies and Peter was kind enough to YT a video of his strat.

You Tubing videos by common consensus seems a much better way of uploading content to the site so I am going to work on this over the coming weeks.
March 5th - Peter, Lui
Peter followed up his amazing Frozen Bell work with yet more amazing frozen bell work. His master of said level is now complete, holding every record. His most recent achivement was a massive jump on FB2 to 140,430 and upped a couple of other records. Another surprise was a WR on SV3 of 130,420.

I think a recent discovery Lui and peter made about stunt ribbons, was a major factor in this.

Spekaing of Lui he has done plenty of work of his own topping the scores for SC3 with 86,930 and a nice jump on TST to 176,900
February 27th - Peter
Peter scored an amazing 29 PRs across a selection of levels over the past couple of days. Lots of nice improvements but I think the ones that will garner most attention are those on his specialist level Frozen Bell. Slight improvements on FB1 and FB4 pushed the Frozen Bell Total over the 800,000 mark and beat the long standing japanese record!

The new FBT world record is 804,660! I think Peter put in alot of hard work for this and deserves major credit although I am sure he would agree that work done by Luigi and Lance was a factor in this achivement. Well done one and all.
February 18th - Luigi
The past couple of weeks have been all about Luigi who has set about 4 new SRs in that time. First was a massive improvement on the old SM4 which was bumped up to a significant 125,210. Other work included his finally equalling the SR for Wizeman of 80 seconds and a nice little jump on TST to 176,900.

Once again, great work.
February 6th - Peter
The Japanese record for Frozen Bell came a little closer to falling today. Peter came achingly close to breaking the record with an SR on FB4 finally over the 60,000 mark and a slight improvement on FB1 gave him a new SR of 796,380. Just below the Japanese record and I believe the highest score on the site! Congratulations and I feel another WR cominging on...
February 4th - Dieman
Just a quick one for tdoay. Dieman did a little work and improved a few of his Splash Garden scores and upped a few boss times.
January 31st - Lance!, Peter
It looks like peter got a really good run on FB3 as evidenced by his new SR of 122,770. This puts both his potential FBT and that of the site comfortably over the known Japanese record!

We had a surprise guest appearance from Lance with a couple of Twin Seeds SRs he found under his bed of down the back of his fridge. TS4 is now 15450 and the TST is 174240. Great work and welcome back!
January 30th - Luigi, Peter
Although glitch discussion continues in this thread, Luigi and Peter have put in some work over the past few days. Peter set a couple more Frozen Bell SRs with shiney new scores of 117,670, 57,450 and 781,640 on FB3, FB4 and FBT along with a few improvements in various other areas.

Luigi made improvements on TS4 and a couple of SG levels and equalled the Wizeman record of 78 seconds. Most of his efforts went into using the highly controversion SPlash Garden start switch for an absolutely massive SG1 of 136,970 and an even more impressive SGT of 653,000. We haven't decided what to do with these scores yet but they as certainly noteworth. Well done one an all.
January 24th - Peter
Peter put in a little more work on Frozen Bell and Splash Garden getting a couple of PRs on each.

Main news of the day is that is now a year old. I acctually had this pointed out to me by the ever vigilant Luigi, so thanks for that. We have about 70 forum members (some were during the temporary downtime though) and have had 16000 or so hits in our first year which isn't bad for a niche site on a niche game. Thanks to all contributors and the forum regulars!

The discussion in the thread mentioned last update, proved to be fairly interesting so an adjustment to the rules page is going to be forthcoming hopefully encouraing even higher scores! Keep your eyes peeled for this in an update of two.
January 15th - Ben, Luigi
Peter and Lui have been at it again, first up Peter. He had a mixed bag of scores, tripling his Xmas Nights Link Attack and upping several other scores. Most interesting is yet another SR, this time on Frozen Bell 1. Said score has been hovering arounf the 14k for quite some time now but Peter found yet another new strategy involving the clock. As usual, Peter has kindly shared the new strat in the forums. I highly recommend checking it out as the new discovery has spawned some discussion which might bring about a few changes here.

Luigi also spent a little time on SV1 and SV4 but didnt quite manage to edge Ben off the top spot. His new SR on Time Attack R might go some way to consoling him at an impressive 7.627.

Thanks again people!
January 11th - Ben
Peter put in a little work on SA.nets least favorite level, namely Stick Canyon.. He got a complete set of PRs and one SR on the SC1 Link table, the SR is now 401 and possibly the highest link on the site? Good stuff either way!
January 7th - Ben
This has acctually been around for a while but I needed to dust off my php skills to add a new table to the Xmas NiGHTS section. Luigi found out that you can do the Time Attack level backwards almost a second faster than forwards! His record is 7'780 but he got edged out slightly afterwards by Ben with a SR of 7'742

Luigi explains a little about his discovery in this thread. Thanks again for sharing.
January 4th - Ben
First off, a happy new year to all players and readers. I spent a little time over the holidays finding a way around the database not displaying the Time Attack scores correctly. While I am sure it would scare anyone with even a smattering of PHP into fits it does at least vaguely work.

Best news about this is I can finally make noise about Ben's new Time Attack record of 8'636! I think this is probably mainly due to his extensive research with the airbrake?
December 26th - Ben
Another player seems to have been busy over the holidays. This time it is Ben, he rampaged through the Spring Valley table setting all manner of World Records. The new SV1 jumped up to a huge 76750 and more records on SV2 and SV4 brought him a new World Record SVT of 592140 leaving no doubt in my mind the is luck enough to play host to the best NiD players on the planet!

Ben also dedicated a little time to the less popular of the Christmas NiGHTS dreams and set records on almost all of Claris's mares for a new XNCT (Xmas NiGHTS Claris Total) of 557780.

Amazingly his work still wasnt done as he shattered the previous Time Attack record with a new effort of 8.672. For reasons best known to itself the database doesn't like the time but I will get that sorted as soon as I can. - edit - Corrected Bens Time Attack score. Im SO sorrry about the confusion. I switched the last two digits!

It would appear that Ben's recent slew of records were helped along by his discovery of a way to apply the airbrake while paralooping. He has kindly shared his discovery in this Forum Thread. You might want to check this one out as I have a feeling that this discovery is going to reshape the scoreboards....
December 24th - Peter
Peter is back on the level of the hour, namely Frozen Bell. He scored new site records on every mare except FB2 which Luigi still holds by a margin of 5000 ish. The combined potential of these two is achingly close to breaking the Japanese record of 804k. I think a decent run by either of these guys will result in's next world record!
December 18th - Ben, Peter
Ben managed to edge his way over the Japanese Mystic Forest for the second World Record! He got new records on MF1 and MF3 which helped push his world record up to a spectacular 718380! Congratulations and all that good stuff.

Next up is Peter who has been fairly busy with something like 30 improvements on various things all over the place. He filled in a few gaps on his Twin Seeds scores and more significantly, scored yet another record with 56,020 on FB4. I think the third World Record isn't far off now....
December 15th - Ben, Luigi, Peter
This little lot is a touch on the late side as I have been in transit from the UK for a while and it took me a little while to get settled back in. All is running smoothly and well now.

First and foremost I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Ben back to the game, coming back, as he so often does, with plenty of style. In this case style means two new Mystic Forest SRs. MF4 increased by 3000 odd to 56160 and a new MFT of 684140. These might not be huge jumps but they are more significant than they look. As Luigi pointed out. Ben's potential score for Mystic Forest is now a handful of points over the only known Japanese record! Lets hope he gets there soon.

Speaking of Luigi he has made the first of todays significant gameplay discoveries. Go and check out THIS THREAD. While this seems to be incredibly hard to pull off it looks like it is possible to hit 12 stunts on a stunt ribbon even though the game stops "counting" at 11. Confused? yeah, I'm not sure I get it yet either but Luigi has provided a few pictures to explain/document his find. The main point of this discovery is that every mare relying on stunt ring strats has an extra 4000 x (number of times ring is used in mare) worth of points! Luigi also boosted a couple of his boss times.

Last and by no means least is a discovery the Peter and I are desperately trying to give each other credit for. Seeing as I have the advantage of writing the front page though, please put your hands together for Peter and his newly discovered infinite on FB2! There is a thread dedicated to this new discovery
HERE, where you can pic up a little more information. There seem to be two schools of thought on how to play FB2, one favoring the stunt ring and now the new infinite. It's not really clear which is going to give the highest score, easpecially in the light of the new information about the stunt ring. I would hazard a guess that either strat could get up around the 130 000 mark based on what I have read from Peter and Luigi.

Thats all folks!
December 4th - Peter, NiGHTSWii.
Peter edged closer still to the current Frozen Bell holg grail of 800k with minor improvements across the level. That being said, when you reach his level a complete set of PRs is nothing to sneeze at

More scores from NiGHTSWii, who did a little work on Spring Valley edging closer to the 300k mark. Good work guys!

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